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Chatbot and Machine Learning

Three options arise when designing a Chatbot:

  • AIML: It is possible to use the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) to create and maintain the conversation elements of a Chatbot. The AIML is an extension of XML. Overall, this is a list of questions/answers by categories.
  • NLP/NLU: These technologies (Natural language Processing-NLP, Natural language Understanding-NLU) analyzes and breaks down language into entities, intentions, actions and contexts.
  • Machine learning: Why not design your own NLP/NLU system through the learning machine? The big question to ask: retrieval based model or Generative model?
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Education Toys & Kits (STEM)

Under the Advixo brand, we publish and distribute educational games, toys and kits (STEM) in sciences, robotics and electronics fields. Catalog can be accessed […]