IoT Original Device Manufacturing

We can be in charge of the full IoT Design and Manufacturing as an ODM. Manufacturing (SMD and THT) is done in Switzerland or Hong-Kong.

IoT example

According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be about 20.8 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices in circulation. Outsourcing the design and the manufacturing processes to an IoT Original Device Manufacturing like Voltanode can reduce costs, increase efficiency and overall optimize time to market.

Our IoT Expertise

Voltanode specializes in the design and the manufacturing of IoT Hardware and Firmware (the Software embedded in the IoTs).

We are known as a high-quality, efficient one-stop shop ODM focused on helping organizations develop proven, reliable, and interoperable smart IoT products and sensors for the home automation, entertainment, security, agricultural and industrial fields.

  • White-label Solution.
  • Prototyping
  • Small or Large Series
  • PCB Design and Manufacturing.
  • Customization of the Firmware.
  • SDK support and integration.
  • Enclosure Design.
  • Mass Production

Wireless technologies

Voltanode has expertise in embedded hardware and firmware development for IoT, based on Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa®, NB-IoT, ZigBee and GPRS/3G/4G-LTE, LTE-M technology, With our staff of PCB engineers, firmware and software developers, we are fully dedicated to meet your requirements.

Project Assessment

Our engineering team can assist your company by analyzing and evaluating each IoT project to meet functional requirements. We help selecting components and vendors to ensure the components qualification, optimize the costs (the famous BOM – Bill of Materials). Then we design a functional prototype for manufacturability in mind.

Hardware design

We have a strong experience in developing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) both in analog, digital and mixed-signals fields. Our engineers will select with you the most suitable electronics architecture for your product. Each PCB design is made by leveraging the latest in CAD/CAM technology so that enclosure would be optimized.

Security-by-design, low noise and low consumption are our daily business.

Firmware Design

The best electronics architecture would be void without the best firmware. We have an extended knowledge of ARM architectures and RTOS ecosystem.

Therefore, our partnership with Amazon AWS enables to integrate the best-of-the-breed Cloud and Edge technologies.


We offer our customers a highly integrated environment to move quickly and efficiently from prototype to production.

For prototyping and low volume, we work with two ISO9001-certified full-service Contract Manufacturers (CMs) in Switzerland. Consequently, your IoT product can get the powerful Swiss-Made label.

For middle and high volume, we work with a well-known CM in Hong-Kong. In this case, your IoT product has the Swiss-Design label.

Intellectual Property

Voltanode respects Intellectual Property (IP). For the very beginning of any project, we sign a detailed NDA with our customers. Then in the business agreement, there are clauses which clearly state which IP is shared or not, which IP is retained and what is the licensing model if any.

Voltanode helps you limiting the risk of the “gray market”, which consists of trading through unofficial channels or distribution sites. The devices distributed on the gray market are not actually counterfeit as they are made to the original device manufacturer’s specifications. The products are identical in every way to the legitimate products, but they are sold on the gray market for a fraction of the price. 

The value of an IoT product is based on the software embedded within the devices. Unlike the physical device, software can be easily modified or updated if proper software licensing technology is implemented.

Contact us to know which legal and technical solutions we can embed into your IoTs to limit this gray market risk.

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