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IoT example

IoT Original Device Manufacturing

We can be in charge of the full IoT Design and Manufacturing as an ODM. Manufacturing (SMD and THT) is done in Switzerland or Hong-Kong.

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Tiny ObsidianBoa Dev Board Features Espressif Systems' ESP32-S2 Board ...

IoT Hardware Design

At Voltanode, we love ESP32, ATSAMD51 and Raspberry Pi Pico. We use them extensively in our IoT designs.

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IoT Architecture

IoT Architecture Consulting

As an Amazon AWS partner, we build IoT architecture in the Cloud with a touch of Edge Computing and a sense of Security.

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High-End DAC PCB

High-End Audio Design

We love music. We design and build the best high-end audio preamps, RIAA preamps, headphone preamps and Class-A amps on your behalf.

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