IoT Architecture Consulting

As an Amazon AWS partner, we build IoT architecture in the Cloud with a touch of Edge Computing and a sense of Security.

IoT Architecture

Architecture is the key success factor of an IoT project. Voltanode provides IoT consulting services to assess the feasibility of IoT implementation and plan the layers of devices, network, data processing and apps into a coherent and secure architecture.

Whether you just embark onto a new IoT journey or have already some experience through it, we will help you make the best of new technological opportunities and tune them with your business strategy.

At Voltanode, we push the boundaries of pure consulting assistance and provide strong project management and hardware and security expertise to accelerate the progress of your IoT project.

Our approach

We architect IoT solutions covering all the steps of a data flow: aggregation, storage, processing, and visualization.

Our approach to maximize your IoT project success is based on several topics.

  • IoT solution prototyping.
  • Hardware selection process.
  • Security by Design.
  • Scalability using Public or Hybrid Cloud.
  • Extensive use of PoCs.

Case Studies